History of Nu-Power

In 1953, at the age of 40, Paul Olson Rust, the founder of Nu-Power®, decided that it was time to make positive changes in his lifestyle in regards to his eating habits.  He was determined to eat less cooked foods and more live raw natural foods, meaning foods that had not been cooked or processed.

Paul became a vegetarian when he was only eight years old, but didn’t really understand the full value of live raw natural foods.  For the next 33 years he consumed more cooked foods than he did live raw natural foods.

Paul had studied bees and owned bee colonies for years and saw the value in Bee Pollen as a primarily food source and decided that it was time to make a lifestyle change. He started experimenting and found that Bee Pollen as a food source was excellent, but by itself it was to strong for his stomach to digest. So he started putting together other live raw natural foods that would enhance Bee Pollen as its main ingredient source. Over the next 30 years he kept experimenting with different food groups, which would be compatible with the super food Bee Pollen.

Being a very Spiritual man, he was having his regular meditative talk with God one morning in the early 80’s and felt impressed that the formula he had been working on for years should be shared with people around the world.  Even though he was not impressed that his formula was going to help feed the world, he gave God all the credit for the name Nu-Power®. On that strength alone, Paul felt it was a sign that he should package Nu-Power® and begin selling the product to the retail community.

Paul was well aware that over thirty (30) years had past since his lifestyle change had taken place and had been so impressed that all his hair had grown back much thicker and healthier than before his conversion in 1953, along with stronger finger nails, a better complexion and terrific skin tones.  He was even able to quit wearing his eye glasses and observed as a working General Building Contractor that he was still out performing men half his age in his 70’s.

Paul talked to businessmen who operated food distribution chains about his idea and they told him that it was a terrible idea and that he should stay in the general contracting business and forget about feeding the world with this stuff he called Nu-Power®. After being totally let down and thinking about it long and hard, decided that maybe Nu-Power® was only for his health and that he should not pursue the idea any longer.  After that experience, the only time Paul would talk about Nu-Power®, was when people would ask him what he did to look so good and to be so energetic.

Later he would say; “The biggest person with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest person with the smallest mind, but I’m going to think big anyway”.

If a person was really interested, he would give them a sample of Nu-Power® to try.  If they came back and wanted more, he would just keep on giving Nu-Power® to them, until they wouldn’t ask for it any longer, because he refused to take money for the product and people just felt bad receiving Nu-Power® from Paul without paying.

In early September 1985, while attending a church in Costa Mesa, CA, he met a man by the name of Joe Jarvies. Paul tapped Joe on the shoulder and said he believed that God had a work for the two of them to do.  Joe responded; “If God wants us to work together it was fine with him”.

Over the next three years they became very close with Paul spending much of his time mentoring Joe in the importance of live raw natural foods, exercise, rest, water, sunshine, temperance, breathing and trusting in Devine Power and the necessity to incorporate these things into his daily regime for a long and prosperous life of service for his Maker.

In 1984 Joe went through an almost overwhelming life changing experience that would alter his lifestyle completely.  Part of this change would be for him to become a vegetarian knowing absolutely nothing about how to do that.  So when he met Paul in 1985 one of the first questions asked, “Are you a vegetarian?” “What type of supplements are you taking?”.  Paul responded; Nu-Power®.  Joe asked, “What is Nu-Power®?”  Paul responded again by saying; “it’s a whole bunch of live raw natural foods blended together to give me the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are required daily”.  This was exactly what Joe needed to hear and was all ears from that point on.

Paul went on to say; “The big difference between Nu-Power®, and taking a hand full of pills everyday, is the whole food ingredients found in Nu-Power® allows the body to thrive on all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids obtained from these Super Foods first hand.  Logically that made sense to Joe, which started taking Nu-Power® off and on from that conversation in the fall of 1985.

When he would take Nu-Power® on a regular basis, his body seemed to respond quite well, but when he would quit taking Nu-Power®, Joe noticed that his blood sugar was inconsistent, mood swings, attitude, etc. So he decided to start experimenting with Nu-Power®.

One month Joe would add three tablespoons to his diet daily. Then not take Nu-Power® the next month.  After repeating this procedure three or four times, over a nine month period, he knew that there was definitely an improvement in his overall well being when taking Nu-Power®.

Sometime in early 1987 Joe started taking 3 heaping tablespoons of Nu-Power® consistently five to six days a week, now aware that it was working as well for him as it was for Paul.  Paul had never shared his formula with anyone, but would tell Joe; “At the right time, when I feel impressed to do so, I will reveal my thirty five year old secret to you.”

On July 22, 1989, something would happen that would forever change their lives. While studying a spiritual subject on a Saturday morning at Joe’s oceanfront home in Newport Beach, California Joe was very impressed it was time to start Nu-Power® as a company, and that Nu-Power® would go around the world and feed a multitude of people.

Needless to say, Joe was jubilant about the idea.  On the other hand, Paul, as much as he wanted to believe it, was not so optimistic about the idea.  Why?  Because of the bitter disappointment he had suffered with other businessmen back in the early 80’s.  However, Joe was convinced that it was time for him to spearhead Nu-Power® into a viable company.  Within a few weeks Paul consented to turn over his makeshift formula to Joe in early August 1989.

Joe went to work for his father in the meat packing business full time right out of high school. He had learned how to formulate different meat products growing up in the meat packing industry and as a kid would go into the sausage kitchen as it was called and would formulate different foods and powders and make his own products into lunch meats, hot dogs, cured meats, etc.  By the age of 23 he had become so knowledgeable in the art of formulating and combining foods into their right order, he began running the overall plant operation that his father operated for years.

After 5 years of running the plant Joe would sell the meat packing business to go in search of bigger and better things.  He started a solid and liquid waste businesses, which he sold in the 80’s and ended up in the offshore oil business.  However, what he was looking for was not in these businesses.

By 1984 Joe had decided to leave New Mexico to go explorer the world.  He began in Costa Rica by learning how to fast and new ways to eat live raw natural foods.  So when the opportunity presented itself in 1989 to formulate Nu-Power® in order for it to be sold to the general public, he jumped at the task with open arms.  Within three months Joe had finished formulating the original blend of Nu-Power® and was offering it for sale to the general public.  Today the original formula is still the most popular blend sold to our customer base.

On October 16, 2011 Nu-Power® began its 23rd year in business and is sold around the world in different formulas from its original blend to its yeast and wheat free blend, as well as its Nu-Power® Green formula blend that is becoming very popular.

In early 2000 Nu-Power International corporate purchased 25 fair to moderate Thoroughbred Race Horses to test Nu-Power® with our original blend.  We and have found it works almost the same with horses as it does with humans.  It’s amazing to see the horses thrive on Nu-Power®. It has given them that extra energy and stamina needed to win races, along with healthy bones, teeth, hooves and training.  Their coats begin to glisten and shine on Nu-Power® after only a few months.  It has so impressed Mr. Jack Van Berg of horse racing fame that he has endorsed Nu-Power® in the thoroughbred racing community.  At the urging of other horse trainers, we began distributing our Nu-Power® Horse Formula in 30# containers on October 1, 2009.

Nu-Power® has grown steadily over the years, along with other athletes in all major endurance competitions.  Football, basketball, biking, rock climbing, body builders and soccer players take Nu-Power® to enhance their performances.  But the most amazing thing about Nu-Power®, is that it works on the young, the old and everyone in between, to keep the colon regulated, and to give a person the energy throughout the day that is needed, while feeding the cells of the body with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids required daily to keep the human system fit.

Each day it’s amazing to talk to our customer base from coast to coast, from past customers calling our toll free number years later asking if Nu-Power® is still in business.  In 1989 we started with the toll free number of 1-800-633-7715 which is still ringing twenty three years later.  That speaks volumes in the health industry when most products come and go within just a few short years.

We have thousands of testimonials praising Nu-Power® for the good it has done for so many people over the years and customers still calling asking for more information to give to friends, loved ones and fellow workers about Nu-Power®.

Email nupowersales@gmail.com or call 1-800-633-7715 and give Nu-Power® a try today.

Paul Rust took Nu-Power® faithfully everyday, except Saturday, for almost 50 years.  Asked why he didn’t take Nu-Power® on Saturday, his reply was; “I work hard six days a week. God has given me one day a week to rest, which includes my stomach and I take full advantage of that rest time, while attending church, fellowshipping with others and studying my Bible, and of course sleeping in.”

Paul past away on 9-11-2001, World Trade Center Day, at the age of 89, when he fell in the work out room at the Nu-Power International processing facility in Southern California and sustained a severe head injury hitting the corner of a piece of exercise equipment in Nu-Power’s® gym.  He has been sorely missed around here ever since!

Thank you for taking the time to read this overview on Mr. Paul Rust, Joe Jarvies and Nu-Power’s® beginning.  Joe would love to here from you.  Do not hesitate to email him at joejarvies@gmail.com and ask any questions you would like to know on health and he will do his best to get you the answers you’re looking for.

Have a Great Day or Evening.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Be blessed this Day in Health, Wealth & Happiness.Happiness